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 November 2004 



PDFTony Strong

Wines Region / Country Source Cost Comments
1. Very Dry Oloroso
Jerez, Spain

Very smooth  and a typical  Oloroso.
2. Montagny 1er Cru Chardonnay  2001
Burgundy, France

This started out as very dry and a little austere, but improved in the glass. Clean finish but light in body.
3. Wither Hills Chardonnay 2002
New Zealand

8.49 Blackcurrant leaf nose. Sweet approach. Good body and fair oak. Typical NZ Chardonnay.
4. Bourgogne  Hautes Cotes de Nuits   Pinot Noir    1999 Burgundy, France

Good value for a Burgundy. A balanced wine which had been fruity, but was now beginning to age. This also improved in the glass and became more complex but still affected by age.
5. Ninth Island  Pinot Noir 2003
Tasmania, Australia

A good nose and colour. Fruity approach with a dry centre. Good body and balanced with a clean finish. A good wine and fair value.    
6. Cono Sur Pinot Noir 2003

Not the best that Cono Sur produces. Very young and fruity but was acid with a sweet centre. Very short finish. May improve with another year.  
7. Glen  Carlou  Pinot Noir 2000
South Africa

Good nose and colour. Reasonable body with a sweet side to it. Some found a Metallic taste. Fair length and clean finish.
8. Brewer Clifton Pinot Noir  2000
California, USA

A good nose. Sweet start and  generally sweet mouthfeel. Some felt it to be too alcoholic.  Clean and fruity but seemed to have little depth of character for the price it was.
9. Domaine Cauhape Symphonie de Novembre       2001

Jurancon, France

Good colour and nose. Smooth balanced sweetness with hints of citrus. A well made wine. This evoked memories matching this with cheese, chocolate, and cake.  
10. Williams & Hubert Walnut Brown Sweet Sherry
Jerez, Spain

Exactly what it says on the tin. Walnut Brown and sweet . Very smooth and  well balanced in  alcohol, acid and sweetness. A very smooth lingering sweet NOT CLOYING aftertaste.
11. Ye Olde Drury Marsala  House of Florio Sicily, Italy

This had a great nose  which reminded me of old fashioned Christmases and VERY small glasses of  wine. Unfortunately this wine had started to get old. Yet the magic of what it had been lingered on .

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