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Presenters: Elaine Orrick PDFAugust 2006 minutes: 
Wines Region Country Source Cost Comments
1. Cloudy Bay Te Koko 2003

New Zealand n/k
13.5% Light nose at first, then developed complexity. Clean ,slightly sweet beginning A buttery feeling developing in mid palate. Clean acid .Dry finish .A touch hot at the end.
2. Ramon roqueta Rosado

Spain n/k
13% A straight forward light rose.
3. Beaujolais Colonge

France n/k
12.5% Perfumed on nose and on palate. A bit light in body with a touch tannin at the finish.
4. Scarpatoni Black Tempest Sparkling Shiraz

Australia n/k
13.5% A big fruity, frothy, expands in the mouth fizz. Amusing. Sweet.
5. Juanico El Tambo Lindo Tannat

Uruguay n/k
14% Lots of fruit, clean acid, soft middle and a bit tannic at the finish. Fair length.
6. Zenato Ripasso

Italy n/k
13.5% Great nose. Raisin and fruit on nose and in the palate. Sweet but well balanced . A well structured wine. A dry finish with good clean fruity length.
7. Cantina di Soave Amarone

Italy n/k
14.5% A slow nose. Good body as expected. Some sweetness and well balanced throughout. Good length and finish, fruity.
8. De Bortoli Noble One

Australia n/k
10% Great nose. Smooth luscious on the palate and very well balanced.
9. Lustau East India Solera Sherry
Spain Waitrose
20% A beautiful smooth caramel fruity nose which extended into the flavour. Acid to sweetness balanced very well. Very smooth and long lasting.
16/08/2006 Raffle wine: Chile Carmenère
Won by: Sue Petch

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