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 January 2009


Presenter: Geoff Cullen (1, 4 & 8), David Whitaker (2 & 3),
Harry Rose (5 & 9), Fred Bell (6 & 7)

Vinexpo 2013 Press ReleaseRaffle wine: Montana Merlot
Won by: Colin Braithewaite

Wines Region Country Source Cost Comments
1. Chateau Beaumont Cru Bourgeoise Haut Medoc 1996 Bordeaux
12.5% Had a touch of  brown in the colour, and a cedar nose. Comments … good acids and balanced tannins ,bit astringent, dry finish, past its best,    Not past its best. Some found coffee ,and others cherry. Most members said a fair wine typical
2. Chateau Belgrave   5eme Cru  Haut Medoc  2002
12.5% A good red with a fruity nose, and fruity flavour to start. Most members found it had a soft centre, yet was still astringent while being fruity . Most agreed that it was not ready yet, but would improve
3. Mas du  Daumas Gassac   1999
13.5%  A soft approach .  not all Cab-Sauv? -  but it claimed to be 100%.      Comments … new world style , no backbone , elegant, a touch sweet. .Some members liked the style and the wine.
4. Clos du Val, Napa Valley  2005
13.5%  Good colour and nose with a herb approach. Soft on the palate at first but not limp. The flavour developed into a well balanced ,fruity ,and long wine. It had a full body with balanced acids and tannins with a long spice finish. Voted best wine
5. Kanonkop      2003 Stellenbosch
South Africa
14%  very heavy bodied indeed ,and pronounced “ worst so far”. A title it managed to hold .   It was smoky ,full bodied , lacked tannin with an unpleasant aftertaste
6. Gemtree Tatty Road  2006, McLaren Vale
South Australia Australia
14.5%  An aromatic nose. It was big ,and fruity with a taste of eucalyptus in the background. The tannins and acids were balanced to the fruit .While not complex ,it was long,  clean
7.  D'Arenberg   Galvo Garage  2006, McLaren Vale South Australia
Australia   £13.00
14.5% had a good fruity nose which carried on into the more  complex flavour. fruity with balanced acids, and a touch too much tannin ,though this may reduce in time  Some felt this wine very up front while other felt it complex.  Comments …. Blackcurrant on flavour ,liquorice, floral nose , supercharged?
8. Cousino  Macul   Finis Terrae       2006
Maipo Valley
14.5%  a big mouthful, and very smooth on the palate. a touch too sweet and it lacked finesse - not yet integrated? Well it was only2006 and  time may help. Comments    Menthol nose,   spice finish ,   good and smooth,   “ like a dessert wine?
9. Vergelegen    Merlot        2006 Stellenbosch
South Africa
£12.99 a soft approach ,and lots of fruit ,but while many said it was well integrated I felt that it needed more time to develop. There was fruity with  plenty of acid and a long finish ,but it was not outstanding at all.

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