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 January 2015 



Raffle wine:

PDFKarl Laczko

La Finca 2012 Clos d'Angel Cabernet Sauvignon, won by Karl Laczko

Wines Region Country Source Cost Comments
1. Wente Vineyards 2012 Morning Fog Chardonnay
Livermore Valley, California
USA Richard Granger
13.5% “Peachy nose”, “nice acid balance”, “sugary sweet (approach)”, “a little short”, “a touch cloying”.
2. Kirkland Signature 2012 Russian River Pinot Noir
Sonoma, California
USA Costco
14.2%  Typical Pinot colour and aroma and sweet, if somewhat simple, fruit: “lacks structure”, “Soft, jammy sweet”, “promised well”, “Doesn’t stand deep analysis...but not bad”
3. Kirkland Signature 2009 Rutherford Meritage
Napa, California
USA Costco
13.9% Too sweet”, “initial nose medicinal”, “dry tannins”, it was a pleasant drinker with dusty tannins, it may improve a little with age.
4. Kirkland Signature Series 2012 Oakville Merlot
Napa, California
USA Costco
14.5% A good wine with firm tannins with good fruit. Cool and soft but with structure, a little light on the finish. Chocolate and cherries.
5. Kirkland Signature 2012 Stags Leap District Cabernet Sauvignon
Napa, California
USA Costco
14.6% A perfumed nose with some rose petal and delicate flavours, a more “grown up” elegance. Ripe, young fruit finished with a little chocolate.
6. Kirkland Signature 2010 Mountain Cuvée Cabernet Sauvignon
Napa, California
USA Costco
14.9% A green capsicum component, cool fruit and less sweet, more vegetal aspects.
7. Kirkland Signature Series 2010 Oakville Cabernet Sauvignon
Napa, California
USA Costco
14.9% A deep, dark fruited nose with a cool, menthol aspect. While smooth it had layers and a strong mid-palate.
8. Château Montelena 2010 Cabernet Sauvignon
Napa, California USA Costco
13.9% A full wine, though a little softer and lighter than expected, the tannins seem lacking although they built up on subsequent tastes.
9. Quady Winery, Elysium 2011 California Black Muscat
Madera, California
USA Costco
£7.90 half bottle
15% “Raspberry syrup”, “inoffensive”, “lacks weight”. Too sweet and simple for most.

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