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 August 2015 



Raffle wine:

PDFElaine Orrick

Laurent Miguel Albariño, won by Suzanne Wright

Wines Region Country Source Cost Comments
1. Bodega Tafuriaste  2014 Rose (Listan Negro)                  
Spain Local      
6 Eur
11%   There was bottle variation with one slightly Pétillant, the other downright fizzy! With some candied cherry and tannin the flavour was more red than rosé, but it was short of fruit and character.
2. Cantina Valle Isarco 2013 Kerner
Sud Tirol/Alto Adige
Italy Winebear
14%  The wine was very Germanic in style with a slight spritz and an aromatic nose; floral including elderflower. Citrus flavours dominated but were a touch out of balance with less weight than expected for the alcohol, finishing with a sour, bitter aftertaste.
3. Domaine Causse Marines 2012 "Zacmau"  (Mauzac)
France Winebear
£19.73 13%   A slightly oxidised aspect with a subtle nose of bruised apples and yeast. Crisp acidity held together a melange of baking spices including vanilla and nutmeg.
4. Alaverdi Monastery Cellar 2011  Rkatsiteli)            
Georgia Winebear
13%    This natural “amber” wine was from the Rkatsiteli grape and showed citrus (orange) oil on the nose. It was relatively cloudy with obvious tannins and some volatile acidity.
5. Westend Estate (Calabria) 2013 Saint-Macaire
Australia  Laithwaites
14%   Inky black with roasted aromas and ripe, dark fruits, soft tannins and medium acidity; very easy to drink – if a touch one dimensional. Full bodied, it would make a great blending partner
6. Familia Deicas, Atlantico sur Garzon 2014  (Marselan)   
Uruguay Wine Society
13%   Deep-coloured wine showed fruity spice with a slightly prune-raisin end. Some oxidation was apparent, with dark, sweet, fruit, chocolate notes and tannins on the finish
7. Santo Wines 2011 Kameni (Mandilaria)
Greece Local
13 Eur 14%  A strong attack of dark-cherry fruit with dry tannins and a short finish.
8.  Stobi Winery 2011 Vranec Veritas 2011
Macedonia  Carruthers & Kent
14.5%   A dark colour with big tannins, ripe, concentrated fruit and a savoury, smoky-bacon component. There was some volatile acidity and the 14.5% alcohol was obvious, but not unpleasant.
9. Bodegas Ribera de Pelazas 2010 Abadengo Crianza (Juan Garcia)                
Spain Wine Society
14%   A slightly oxidised nose and persistent acidity. Dark fruits showed tobacco, spice and coffee, with ripe but strong tannins.
10. Finca Moratillo 2009 Vidadillo, Ribera del Jiloca
Spain Laithwaite's
14.5% The wine showed balanced acidity and tannin with savoury, meaty notes and concentrated dark fruit. There was a balsamic aspect but everything was in harmony and it should age well.

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