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  • January: Sicily and Sardinia (Paul Raven)

  • February: Alsace and Baden (Harry Rose)

  • March: AGM & Committee Tasting

  • April: The wines of Christian Moueix (Fred Bell)

  • May: Majestic New World (Lisa Ashman and Peter Mingins)

  • June: Oddbins European Selection (Claire Carruthers)

  • July: Wines from Margaret River (Jennifer Batchelor for John Mayes)

  • August: Wines for a Summer Day (Geoff Cullen)

  • September: An Italian Comparison (John Kay and Dave Whitaker)

  • October: Call my Bluff (George Murphy and Ken Carlisle)

  • November: I say Duero, you say The Douro (Paul Raven & Alan Holmes)

  • December: Christmas Committee Tasting

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  • January: The wines of Michel Rolland (Fred Bell)

  • February: Penfolds Bin 28 Vertical (Barry Craven)

  • March: AGM & Committee Tasting

  • April: Spanish Spirit (Oliver Ojikutu)

  • May: The wines of the Languedoc (Ken Carlisle & Michael Laylor)

  • June: Majestic New World (Lisa Ashman)

  • July: Central Otago (Michael & Catherine Wilmot)

  • August: Winemaking Techniques (Elaine Orrick)

  • September: European Pinot Noir (David Whitaker & John Kay)

  • October: South America and South Africa (Geoff Cullen)

  • November: Cahors - The Black Wine (George Murphy)

  • December: Christmas Committee Tasting


  • January: Oddbins Burgundy (Matt)

  • February: Zinfandel (Fred Bell)

  • March: AGM & Committee Tasting

  • April: Majestic Rioja (Lisa Ashman & Ian)

  • May: South America (Elaine Orrick*)

  • June: Bordeaux Holiday Wines (Harry Rose)

  • July: South Africa (Tony Raven*)

  • August: Rhône (John Mayes*)

  • September: North East Co-op Society (David Ferguson)

  • October: A Taste of Italy (Peter Howliston)

  • November: New Zealand Wines (Paul Raven)

  • December: Christmas Committee Tasting

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  • January: Wines of the Northern Rhone (Peter Cousens)

  • February: AGM & Committee Tasting

  • March: To Boldly Go - Blind Tasting (Alan Holmes and Paul Raven)

  • April: The Wines of Madiran and Gaillac, S.W. France (Peter Howliston)

  • May: German Wines (Ken Carlisle)

  • June: The Wines of the Eastern Languedoc (Geoff Cullen)

  • July: Four ladies present (Jan Morris, Jennifer Batchelor, Suzanne Wright and Anne Rose)

  • August: Majestic New World (Greig Wilson*)

  • September: North East Co-op Society (David Ferguson)

  • October: The Wines of Washington State (Fred Bell)

  • November: 21 Years and still going (Tony Strong)

  • December: Christmas Committee Tasting


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  • January: Portugal, from Byrnes of Clitheroe (Brian & Jacqie Cryer)

  • February: AGM followed by "Ageing, is it worth it" (Graham Adams)

  • March: Wines of Portugal (Ken Carlisle)

  • April: The Pacific Rim (Geoff Cullen)

  • May: Best of Oddbins (Colin Thorne)

  • June: The wines of Francis Ford Coppola (Fred Bell)

  • July: North East Co-op Society (David Ferguson)

  • August: Trust me, I'm a wine dealer (Alan Holmes & Paul Raven)

  • September: Vouvray (John Kay and David Whitaker)

  • October: Super Supermarket Wines (Mike McNulty)

  • November: The Italian Job (Nicky Sparacio*)

  • December: Christmas Committee Tasting


  • January: The wines of St. Hallet (Graham Adams)

  • February: AGM & Committee Tasting

  • March: Wines of the Pacific Rim (Nick Lowe)

  • April: Italy (Philip Warren)

  • May: Rioja (Barry Wilmot)

  • June: Meritage wines (Fred Bell)

  • July: The New Mediterranean (Andy Taylor, Oddbins)

  • August: North East Co-op Society (David Ferguson)

  • September: Claret types: Old World and New (Barry Craven)

  • October: An evening with Valvonna & Crolla (Barry Wilmot)

  • November: The Taste of Alsace (Geoff Cullen*)

  • December: Christmas Committee Tasting

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  • January: Wines of Argentina (Ken Carlisle*)

  • February: AGM followed by Interesting wines (Nick Lowe)

  • March: Beringer Wines (Catherine Johns, Oddbins)

  • April: Cellar Selection (Philip Warren)

  • May: Supermarket Wines (Mike McNulty)

  • June: Alsace (John Kay and David Whitaker*)

  • July: Best of the Co-op (David Ferguson)

  • August: New Zealand (Jennifer Batchelor & Suzanne Wright)

  • September: Syrah - Shiraz (Fred Bell)

  • October: Parker Wines (Barry Wilmot)

  • November: The wines of Cahors (Peter Cousens)

  • December: Christmas Committee Tasting


  • January: Adams Australian Adventure (Graham Adams)

  • February: AGM followed by Languedoc Wines (Nick Lowe)

  • March: Burgundy (Harry Rose)

  • April: Italy (Bill Robson)

  • May: The Old World (Harry Rose, Fred Bell and Graham Adams)

  • June: Portugal, Old and New (Alan Holmes and Paul Raven*)

  • July: Ribera del Duero (Barry Wilmot)

  • August: New World and New Releases, Oddbins (Andy Taylor)

  • September: Sweet Wines (Brian Hunter)

  • October: New World Wines (Nick Lowe, Barry Wilmot)

  • November: Gallo Wines (Keith Grainger, Heart of England School of Wine)

  • December: Christmas Committee Tasting

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Historical Tastings

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  • January: Tuscany. Bill Robson

  • February: AGM followed by Port tasting F Bell

  • March: World class wines at reasonable prices. N Lowe

  • April: Best of the Co-op list. D Ferguson

  • May: The Wines of Ridge. B Wilmot

  • June: Blind tasting from Oddbins. Neil Goldie

  • July: Rioja. T Douglas

  • August: West Coast Wines. (S Wright & J Ross)

  • September: Finer Wines from the Wine Society. P Warren

  • October: Chile. Jan Morris

  • November: South Africa. Henti & Estelle Louw

  • December: Christmas Committee Tasting


  • January: AGM followed by French versus New World. B Hunter

  • February: Wines to have with cheese. J Bunting

  • March: Merlots. A Glover

  • April: Bin Ends - are they worthwhile? G Adams

  • May: Wines from the Wine Society. P Warren

  • June: Wines from Oddbins. Neil Goldie* & Cathryn

  • July: Henschke of Barossa. F Bell

  • August: French wines special & several Viognier. D Napier

  • September: Matching wine with food. Anne Liddon

  • October: Rhône and Provence. H Rose

  • November: Provence - the next AOC's. A Bunting

  • December: Christmas Committee Tasting

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  • January: AGM followed by Blind tasting world wide. N Lowe

  • February:  Rioja. H Rose

  • March: Wines from the Co-op. David Ferguson*

  • April: Australian Prize Winners- Sydney 1994. G Adams

  • May: Alsace - The Wines of Trimbach. F Bell

  • June: Spanish available locally - Heart of England School of Wine. Martin Ward

  • July: The Worlds Sparkling Wines - B H Wines, R Neville

  • August: Sweet Wines. S Wright J Ross

  • September: Chile, Uruguay and Argentina from Corkscrew Wines Laurie Scott

  • October: The Loire T Douglas

  • November: English Wines N Ellam

  • December: Christmas Committee Tasting


  • January: AGM followed by California. Alan Glover

  • February: Personal Selection. P Warren

  • March: Bordeaux - Petits Chateaux. S Tompkins

  • April: Western Australia. B Craven

  • May: Zinfandel around the world. G Adams

  • June: Rare Australians from Corkscrew Wines, Carlisle. Laurie Scott

  • July: Alsace from Com Road Vintners, Rothbury. Graham Hodgeson

  • August: South Rhône & Provence. N Lowe

  • September: Rose Wines from Oddbins. Andrew Nash

  • October: Madeiras. Andrew Mead

  • October: German from The Heart of England School of Wine. Martin Ward*

  • November: French - Cycling in the Rhône. O James

  • December: Christmas Committee Tasting

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  • January: AGM followed by Tempranillo Grape. N Lowe

  • February: German wines. Harry Rose

  • March: The wines of Terres Blanc, presented by agent Richard Nurick

  • April: Chateauneuf du Papes. J Bunting 

  • May: Australia - Barossa Valley. F Bell* 

  • June: South Africa. N Ellam

  • July: Twelve from Burgundy - Oddbins selection. David Agnew

  • August: Burgundy- Mercurey & Maconnals from Richard Grainger. Alistair Stewart

  • September: Dessert Wines from B H Wines of Carlisle. Richard Neville

  • October: Merlot from other than France. H Rose

  • November: Indulgences (No minutes?). B Hunter*

  • November: Bandol. A Bunting


  • January: AGM followed by Best or most interesting tasted 1992. Mark Savage*

  • February: Rhone -Gigondas & Vacqueyras. J & A Bunting 

  • March: Sauvignon Blanc Grape. N Lowe

  • April: Frescobaldi's Wines from Geoffrey Roberts Agencies. Colin Davies

  • May: Mainly 1970s. T Douglas

  • June: Blind -"East of West" wines from less expected countries. N Ellam

  • July: Austria Austrian Wine Information Centre. Geoffrey Kelly

  • August: English. Alan Glover

  • September: From his cellar. Phillip Warren

  • September: Clarets 1984 versus 1985. Andrew Mead

  • October: Northern Rhone. T Douglas

  • November: Penfolds. S Wright* I J Ross

  • November: Blind 3 Champagne 3 Chardonnay 3 Red. D Napier

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  • January: AGM followed by AOCs near South of Rhone J & A Bunting

  • February: Spot the Clarets Reds from around the world. N Lowe

  • March: Bergerac. S Thompkins*

  • April: Western Australia. B Craven*

  • May: Do we really need Oddbins or can we do as well locally. N Ellam

  • June: Wines from Middlemass of Kelso. Paul Saunders

  • July: Rhine Riesling Grape. T Douglas

  • August: Blind tasting of Co-op's new range. P Bastard

  • September: Beaujolais Crus. H Rose

  • October #1: Rhone Guigal. Andrew Mead

  • October #2: Best wines tasted over the last year. N Ellam

  • November #1: 1982 Clarets. O James

  • November #2: Sherry with tapas. D Napier


  • January: AGM followed by Nosing of Malt Whisky. N Ellam

  • February: Cote de Luberon. J & A Bunting

  • March: Botrytised Wines. N Lowe

  • April: From B H List B H Wines of Carlisle. R Neville

  • May: Blind tasting of Tesco wines. T Douglas

  • June: Torres-15 Spain & S. America including Brandy & Liqueur. P Bastard

  • July: Dolcetto Grape. B Hutchinson

  • August: Blind tasting. N Ellam

  • September: Vouvrays of Gaston Huet including 1953 & 1959 from Huet cellar. Andrew Mead

  • October: Chalonnais. H Rose

  • November #1: Texas. G Adams*

  • November #2: Madleras Including two 1934, a 1950 and a 1954. D Napier

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  • January: AGM followed by Cognacs (R. Mayor)

  • February: Chardonnay-medium and expensive (N. Lowe)

  • March: Wines from small growers-French & German. Wine Appreciation, Doncaster J. Atherfold

  • April: Great wines of the Rhone -Masterchef Filming J. & A. Bunting

  • May: German Rieslings D. Napier*

  • June: Blind tasting of members best wines of 1998 R. Mayor

  • July: Co-op Range P. Bastard*

  • August: English wines N. Ellam

  • September: Wines of M Delon, Medoc T. Douglas

  • October #1: Outstanding value of their type Andrew Mead

  • October #2: California R. Mayor

  • November #1: Burgundies 1983 & 1985 0. James

  • November #2: Cahors H. Rose


  • January: AGM followed by Sauternes. M Symington

  • February: New Zealand. N Lowe*

  • March: Southern Rhone and Provence. J & A Bunting*

  • April: Bordeaux & St. Julien. N Ellam

  • May: Champagne plus one Marc. R Mayor

  • June: Peter Dominic's selection. N Ellam

  • July: Blind tasting from Oddbins. N Lowe

  • August: Selection from B H Wines of Carlisle. R Neville*

  • September: Madiran & South West France. (Terry Douglas)

  • October #1: Red Burgundies. Andrew Mead

  • October #2: Alsace. H Rose*

  • November: Port. N Ellam

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  • January: AGM, Bring a bottle!

  • February: Nebbiolo. B Hutchinson

  • March: Spanish. T Douglas

  • April: Cabernet Sauvignon World Wide. N Ellam*

  • May: Australian Whites. John Lavis

  • June: Corney & Barrow's more affordable wines Peter Lloyd

  • July: Morrison's Supermarket Wines. N Ellam

  • September #1: 10 year old Clarets (Prof. Oliver James*)

  • September #2: Cabernet Franc. T Douglas

    October: White Burgundy (Andrew Mead)

  • November: Wines of Saint- Émilion (Rita Mayor)


  • January: AGM followed by wines from NEWTS Cellars

  • February: Chateau Musar. B Toms 

  • March: White Burgundies Joint meet with Newcastle Wine Warehouse. Jane Hunt M.W.

  • April: Domaine bottled red Chateauneuf du Papes & Gigondas. T Douglas

  • May: Supermarket Wines Sainsbury & Sava Centre. E. Toms

  • June: Portuguese Wines from Beeswing, Morpeth. Terry Glendenning

  • July: Chenin Blanc-Mid Loire. R Parmella

  • August: Blind tasting. J Nicholson

  • September: Beaujolais Crus. T Douglas

  • October: Horizontal 1979 Clarets. Andrew Mead

  • November: 1983 Margaux. R Mayor

  • December: Champagne. J Nicholson

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  • January: AGM followed by inexpensive wine provided from funds

  • February: Rhone. R Mayor*

  • March: Blind tasting. B Toms

  • April: Italy -Wine's New World -by Caledonian Wines. Peter Rafferty

  • May: South West France. T Douglas*

  • June: Les Villages de Beaujolais. B Toms

  • July: Germany from Richard Grainger. A Stewart

  • August: Tuscan Reds. B Hutchinson

  • September: Two Chateaux in Listrac-Fourcas Hosten & Fourcas Dupre. T Daley

  • October: Red Burgundies from single property small growers. Andrew Mead

  • November: Madiera. R Parmella*

  • December: Sweet Muscat, Riesling and Semillon. E Toms


  • February: AGM

  • March: Illustrating different grape varieties. Sherborne

  • April: Sherry. Sherborne

  • May: Loire from Richard Grainger. Alistair Stewart*

  • June: Cabernet Sauvignon World Wide. B & E Toms*

  • July: St Emilion, 5 vertical + 3 others. J Nicholson*

  • September: Rioja. D Flower

  • October: Haut Medoc, Chateau Cissac Vertical. Andrew Mead*

  • November: Port. Hosty

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  • February: AGM. Attempted take over by "Peter Collins Wine Guild"

  • March: Alsace. Sherborne*

  • June: German. G Wine Info Service

  • July: Red Burgundies. Sherborne

  • September: Tasting and tasting techniques. Sherborne

  • October: Chardonnay. Neale Brow

  • November: Champagne. Overton & Strong


  • January: Inaugural tasting, Mixed. Collins & Strong

  • March: Italian Reds Hosty & Symington

  • April: Alsace, Mosel. Rheingau, Austria, Loire. Hosty & Strong

  • May: American Reds Eggerton & Mackay

  • June: Australian Cabernet Sauvignon. Hutchinson

  • July: French. Graham MacHarg

  • September: Comparative tasting (no notes, may have been cancelled) Collins

  • November: Beaujolais Nouveau Member's choice

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